Field Care of your Trophy

Tips for proper care of a trophy:

- Try not to let your dog retrieve a bird you intend to have mounted

- NEVER use newspaper or pantyhose to wrap your bird. The ink from the newspapers will bleed onto the feathers duringythe thawing process. Pantyhose are not bad, but are very hard on the bird's feathers.

- Use a simple grocery sack to wrap your bird. Tuck the head under a wing and use masking tape to snug the bag to the bird. Putathe bird in head first and be Very careful not to bend the wing tips or tail feathers.

-Freeze the bird as soon as possible. Birds can freezer burn easily, so be sure to get the bird to your taxidermist as soon as possible. Also avoid "Frost Free" freezers.

- Each bird will need to be individually tagged. For a transport tag and terms/conditions, click Here